State of the Union

Be sure to tune in to the state of the union tonight. President Trump is expected to especially address the issue of border security. It will also be interesting to hear the Democratic Rebuttal. The state of the union address should be available on most major television networks.

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Can Democrats find Identity?

Kamala Harris is becoming a magnetic force in the Democratic party. She recently announced her bid for the presidency and has since experienced widespread coverage on news broadcasts and cable news. In fact, in a recent town hall on CNN, statisticians found that Harris drew a larger number of viewers than any other candidate. Her […]

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My Heart Aches

Earlier this month, the state of New York passed one of the most comprehensive abortion in our nation’s history. With its passage, abortion will be an option throughout the entire pregnancy. Pro-abortion groups hailed this as a victory, the pro-life community was shocked. Although the proponents of the law claim that it will not make […]

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Many individuals draw assumptions. Assumptions can be good things. For instance, assuming the best about a person’s character is good. But it can also be bad, like when we assume that the person who looks like their life is all together has it all together or that a person who is rude to us once […]

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